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Web Hosting
In keeping with our philosophy of providing value to our customers, Nonstick Media has developed hosting plans to meet the growing needs of customers that require more from their hosting provider.

Nonstick Media offers customers a competitive selection of web hosting packages, all managed by a 24 hour, 7 day a week Network Operations Center (NOC).

CPanel™ Technology
Your Account will automatically receive its own CPanel™ attached to your domain for ease of management.

CPanel™ is a web based client interface. The interface allows you to monitor every aspect of your account including disk space and bandwidth usage.

CPanel™ also gives the you the ability to manage Passwords, Mail Accounts, Ftp Accounts, Sub Domains, Error Pages, Protected Directories, Files, MySQL Databases, Cron Jobs, redirects and a much more.

With Cpanel you will have the ability to install shopping carts, Bulletin Boards, and a list of pre-installed scripts - view all the features below for more info.

Since this technology is "browser based", you can manage your web site from anywhere in the world.

Our Hosting Packages

CGI Wrapper
Guest book
Cgi email
Formmail clone
Search engine

Email Accounts and Features
Unlimited POP Email addresses
Unlimited mailing lists
Unlimited auto-responders
Unlimited forwarders
Unlimited email filters

E-Commerce Features
Interchange 4.8 by RedHat
osCommerce (The Exchange Project)

With Unique IP
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Personal SSL Cert Can Be Installed

Other Features at your Contro
Search engine submitter
FrontPage web and mail extensions
Password protect any file or directory
Analog and webalizer statistics
Anonymous FTP
Trace route
Raw access log
Easy back up
SSH Shell
Cron Jobs
Mime Types
Custom error pages
Domain name look up
Apache handlers
PHP enabled
Perl 5
Python enabled
SSI enabled

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